We provide raw materials for packaging produced for long-term storage of sensitive products, especially food and beverages.

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We produce raw materials for energy efficient,
light and durable aluminium vehicle components
for long-lasting use of vehicles with high performance.

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We produce foils for industrial applications from the construction
industry to electronics, from heating and cooling systems
to ventilation systems in order to ensure long-lasting,
efficient and effective use.

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We supply a wide range of premium quality foils from heating and cooling systems to heat sealing processes and energy-saving home appliances.

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  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Durable

To Leave a World To Next Generations Where They Can Live Healthy

Due to its structural features such as lightness, durability, conductivity, reflectivity and easy processability, aluminium, which is increasingly preferred in many industries from food to aviation, construction to renewable energy systems, supports sustainable source use with its 100% recyclability.

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Sustainable Partner

Panda Group, is an examle company of Turkey, which is keeping the industry leader companies within the community, along with environmental and social responsibility approach. It creates value for its employees and business partners, as well as its customers, and continues to work with the goal of becoming a global player in its fields.

As Panda Group, we work with the motto of "Smile of partners is our priority" and the concept of "Easy Business" in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers, stakeholders and environment.

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