Our Policies

Safety and Environment Policy

  • Protect environment and minimize damages arising from our activities, products and services,
  • Continuously improve by reviewing environmental impact and safety risks,
  • Comply all regulations, standards and fully meet all compliance obligations,
  • Continuously improve our management system to increase environment and Safety performance,
  • Eliminate all safety and environmental hazards and reduce risks,
  • Increase employee awerness and motivate for effective involvement,
  • Establish a safe and healthy work place to prevent injuries and health problems,
  • Add value to environment by recycling, reducing waste, energy loss and natural resources,
  • Follow new technologies for environment and safety to minimize injuries and pollution.

Quality Policy

  • Continuously improve quality based on customer needs and expectations,
  • Implement effective quality management system and improve continuously,
  • Protect problems through preventive approach and implement risk based approach,
  • Meet all applicable requirements in our management systems,


  • Implement efficient, effective, objective approach and comply with all related law, regulations and standards,
  • Improve competencies of employees, work as a team and result oriented for a better product and services,
  • Create sustainable value together with all shareholders.

Panda Kalite Sertifika


Food Safety Policy

  • Ensure products with defined and measurable quality criteria and that are not contaminated physically, chemically or biologically, that are suitable for human health till end user to meet customer demands and expectations,
  • Ensure good manufacturing and santitary practises together with best environmental conditions,
  • Continuously improve food safety system and increase efficiency. Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Carry out continuous training activities in order to increase knowledge and skill levels of all stuff to have competent and highly aware employee,
  • Continuously improve effeciency through following technological improvements,
  • Eliminate all food safety risks for all products starting from raw materials and suppliers till customer,
  • Ensure risk based approach together with preventive systems


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