Panda Mehmet Seherli


Today, we have more than 1,000 valuable teammates in our group. Our goal is to create added value by protecting the future and taking into account the happiness of our stakeholders. Therefore, we do not produce any product that our family will not use.

Mehmet Şeherli
Panda Group Chairman of the Board

In 1984, I commenced my commercial experience with my company MND Breakfast Food Co. And Panda Aluminium has been extensionally proceeding journey that has started up in Düzce, by getting stronger and regenerated in Ankara. I have been tasting the peace of guiding young and solid structuring through the new investments, projects, new solution partners, human resources and sectoral sharers.

Panda Aluminium has come a long way at short notice and become a very important player in her segment where experience and novelty are blended together. Feeling the importance and having the concern on the production and the power of employment, Panda Aluminium has the desire of contributing on the national economy. Such values have been the ones I have felt the importance of, esteemed and designated as my memorandum.

In such a tough location as Ankara, it has certainly not been easy to constitute the mechanical and human power, to set up the domestic and foregin sales network in spite of all hitches. However, I understand that these hitches empower us after observing our strong and quick steps on the way of being the best.

Together with her 1000 employees, if Panda Group is in desire of aiming to play an important role to announce the World Turkey’s production and exportation potential in the name of her country likewise her sectoral sharers, this is the effect of labour and liaising. And it is also the output of the respect of young generations to the experience and the confidence of the experince to the young generations.

Our business is a dusty, rusty and toilsome business. In this sense, we are pursuing and observing the adventure of aluminium, which was shortly before just an extracted metal, it is going to be smelted in the skilled hands and afterwards is going to be milled microns by microns. We are observing its shipment to the end user and shaping there and its return as an object that is used in every part of life. Here it is, within this period, we have never lost our desire and excitement to be the best and I do not hope to lose it in future. Because, “if you lose your excitement, you lose your development”.

I am grateful to all workers, engineers, sales team and administration staff and the all that have shared their efforts with us in this journey and working with us day-and-night without losing their excitements. Every precious thing in the World deserves being preserved, protected and armed. I know they will go on working by preserving such precious assets and I thank you for all one by one.

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