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Panda Aluminum combines its corporate identity with both traditional and family values; It has a structure that values the concept of being a family and cares about being together. We are happy to be a family that comes together both in working and social life and creates value in all areas of life together.

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Our Human Resources Policy

  • To bring in the right workforce that shares our company values,
  • Continuing our way with employees specialized in their field of activity with their knowledge and experience,
  • Applying a fair and consistent remuneration system that adapts to the conditions of the day according to their contribution to work, knowledge, skills, competencies and performances,
  • To ensure that the corporate culture is created by all employees, to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company,
  • To strengthen the position of our employees in the sector together with our company, to continuously improve the organizational structure that can adapt to change and requirements rapidly,
  • As Panda Aluminium A.S walking to success, with the staff who look to the future with confidence, love for their company and work with the awareness that they contribute to the national economy.

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